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Welcome aboard the Magical Blogorail! Whether you’re joining us from Disney on Wheels or just hopping on now, we’re delighted to have you here at the Final Stop of our Special Edition journey.

As bloggers, we have the incredible ability to connect with friends from all over the country, and even the world. While we may not be able to physically be there for every important milestone in their lives, we can still come together to celebrate virtually, like we’re doing today with an Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower for our very own PT Disneyland!

Being a mother of two boys, it’s always refreshing to immerse myself in a world that goes beyond cars and Mickey Mouse. This Alice in Wonderland-inspired shower offers a perfect escape into a whimsical, yet feminine theme. While it may not be a typical princess or girly movie, the fact that the lead character is a girl adds a touch of femininity to the whole concept.

Looking for Alice in Wonderland nursery ideas was an adventure in itself. With my go-to source, Pinterest, I stumbled upon countless magical and inspiring creations. For the walls, I would opt for a light yellow shade to keep things neutral and bright. This sets the perfect backdrop for the fantastic decor pieces, like this adorable teapot chandelier I found on Etsy.

Now, when it comes to furniture, I believe in finding the perfect balance between functionality and creativity. Take, for example, this unique bookshelf that adds a hint of fantasy to the room. I couldn’t find the designer names for these specific items, but I believe the second piece is part of a whimsical furnishings series by Vincent Thomas Lemon.

For decorations, I would incorporate a print or a series of these charming Alice in Wonderland-inspired flowers. They add a touch of elegance and perfectly capture the essence of the theme. And, of course, no Alice in Wonderland nursery would be complete without the iconic doorknob. I’ve only seen it listed on eBay at a rather steep price, but its presence would truly elevate the whole room.

Thank you for joining us on this Special Edition Loop. Don’t forget to stay connected with our blogs between loops to stay updated with all the latest Disney news, photos, and stories. If you crave even more Disney magic, visit The Magical Blogorail website, where you can explore the blogs of all our members and catch up on our previous loops.

Before we conclude, here’s a map of our Magical Blogorail in case you need to make any stops along the way and want to reboard:

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