A Magical Train Ride

A Magical Train Ride

My two-year-old son, Noah, is absolutely obsessed with trains. He spends hours playing with his two train sets, alternating between them throughout the day. His favorite one, which he affectionately calls his “monorail,” holds a special place in his heart. With his love for trains evident, it was only natural to take Noah on the Walt Disney World Railroad to indulge in his passion.

On our first adventure aboard the railroad, my husband Adam took Noah alone, allowing me a moment of selfishness as I hurriedly registered for the testing of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. They embarked on the train from Main Street and made their way to Frontierland, where I later joined them. True to Noah’s deep attachment to trains, he was reluctant to get off when it was time. The joy and excitement in his eyes were contagious, and it warmed my heart to see his evident adoration.

During our second ride on the railroad, the sky darkened with impending rain, leading us to seek shelter for our stroller at the pinnacle of the Main Street Train Station. Determined to make the most of our time, we proceeded with our plans, leaving Noah to play and explore around the station. However, in a moment of distraction, he stumbled and fell headfirst into the gate. As the tears welled up in his eyes, a compassionate WDW Railroad Conductor noticed his distress. Despite his reserved demeanor, the conductor approached us with a kind smile, attempting to console Noah with a friendly invitation to say hi and his favorite phrase, “all aboard.” Unfortunately, the tears persisted.

Sensing our concern, the conductor disappeared momentarily and returned with a “Co-Conductor Card” in hand. It was a heartwarming gesture, intended to lend some cheer to Noah’s teary face. Additionally, I explained to the conductor that the fall caused Noah to accumulate a bruise in the same spot where he had previously suffered a black eye. The conductor listened empathetically, briefly leaving us before returning with a surprise – a certificate for a complimentary popcorn at the Magic Kingdom Park.

I was taken aback by this small yet incredibly thoughtful gesture. It was a reminder of the efforts made by Disney to ensure each guest feels like a part of their family. As the certificate stated, they strive to create a truly magical experience for everyone and apologize for any moments that may fall short of that aspiration. All I needed to do was present the certificate to a host or hostess at the designated location. We weren’t particularly big fans of popcorn, but the sentiment behind the gift was truly touching.

To our delight, the magic didn’t stop there. The conductor extended an invitation for us to join him in the back of the train, where there is a special seat reserved for the co-conductor. Noah’s eyes widened with excitement as he eagerly took his place beside the conductor. As we reached Frontierland, a moment of sheer joy awaited us. The conductor allowed Noah to announce “All Aboard!” to the entire train, giving him a true taste of being in charge. The passengers erupted into applause, celebrating Noah’s newfound role as the guest conductor. It was an extraordinary experience that surpassed our wildest expectations.

This magical journey on the Walt Disney World Railroad was a testament to the genuine care and dedication of the cast members to create unforgettable memories for their guests. Noah’s love for trains was amplified by the conductor’s kindness and the empowering opportunity to partake in the operation of the train itself. It was a day we would cherish forever, a day when the enchantment of Disney intertwined seamlessly with Noah’s love for trains.

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