Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney

The Adventures by Disney evening I attended was truly a remarkable experience. As a travel agent, I was able to learn firsthand about the exceptional trips and experiences that AbD offers. It was an eye-opening event that left me in awe of the level of service and attention to detail provided by Disney.

When people think of Disney, they typically associate it with cartoons, movies, theme parks, and of course, Mickey Mouse. However, there is one thing that sets Disney apart from others – their incredible customer service. Whether it’s at their theme parks, resorts, or Disney Cruise Line, the service provided is always impeccable. The Disney difference is the extra touch of magic they add to every vacation experience. Adventures by Disney takes this level of service even further by providing VIP treatment for all guests. Unlike a typical Walt Disney World vacation where you may not have a personal guide, on an Adventures by Disney trip, you are assigned not just one, but two exceptional guides. One guide is from America, while the other is a local expert in the destination you are visiting. This ensures that you have the best of both worlds in terms of knowledge and experiences.

One exciting aspect of Adventures by Disney is their Long Weekends program, which was introduced in 2014. These are carefully-curated trips that are already planned out for you, with five-star accommodations, dining experiences, VIP tours, and exclusive backstage access. The level of detail and planning that goes into these trips is unparalleled. Take, for example, the four-day trip to New York City. Imagine waking up in the morning and heading to Good Morning America. But, you won’t be standing outside like the ordinary spectators – you’ll be inside, in the VIP area, mingling with whomever may be there that day. This gives you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the stars without having to wait in long lines or worry about bad weather. The VIP guide ensures that you have the best possible experience, providing exclusive access to events and locations.

Adventures by Disney also offers trips to new places and unique locations that are inspired by Disney stories. For example, “Frozen’s” fictional location of “Arendelle” is loosely based on Norway. When Elsa and Anna made their appearances at Walt Disney World, they initially spent their time in the Norway pavilion. The trip to Norway with Adventures by Disney allows you to explore the country’s stunning Stave Churches, fish amid glaciers, and immerse yourself in the magic of the “Frozen” universe.

One of the standout features of Adventures by Disney is their attention to detail when it comes to catering to the needs and interests of every member of the family. While all AbD groups have two tour guides, they often bring on “Step on guides” who provide even more in-depth information about specific locations. Imagine having a third guide join you when visiting the Louvre, offering detailed insights about every painting. And what about the kids? Well, there’s no need to worry. The Junior Adventurers have their own tailor-made experiences, such as a Mystery Detective game in which they have to discover different pieces of art to solve a mystery. These experiences are designed to be both educational and fun, keeping the children engaged and entertained throughout the trip.

Adventures by Disney offers a wide range of destinations spanning across the globe, from the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming and Southern California to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and the historical ruins of Peru. With such diverse options, there is something for everyone’s travel preferences. The itineraries are carefully curated and constantly updated to ensure that every trip is unique and exceptional.

If you’re interested in booking an Adventures by Disney vacation or want more information about destinations and pricing, you can visit our Guru page dedicated to Adventures by Disney, or feel free to email me at The experienced team at The WDW Guru will be more than happy to assist you in planning your ultimate Disney adventure.

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