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Several months ago, while listening to a Disney podcast, I stumbled upon an intriguing discussion about a book called Lots To Do In Line by Meredith Lyn Pierce. As a Disney enthusiast, I was instantly captivated by the concept she presented – trivia and scavenger hunts to keep you entertained while waiting in line at the magical parks. Pierce had initially designed the book for her “home” park, Disneyland, but she was also in the process of creating one for Walt Disney World.

What sets this book apart from others is its ability to keep even the most knowledgeable Disney fans on their toes. While trivia books and hidden Mickey guides are enjoyable, oftentimes, frequent visitors tend to know the answers or have seen most of the hidden Mickey’s before. However, with Pierce’s book, the clues and pop quizzes offer a fresh challenge and make you feel delightfully clueless, fostering a sense of excitement and adventure throughout your park journey.

One of the highlights of Lots To Do In Line is its ability to enhance your powers of observation. Through scavenger hunts and thought-provoking questions, Pierce encourages readers to pay closer attention to the intricate details and hidden gems that Disney’s Imagineers have so meticulously placed within the queues. It’s remarkable how much we tend to overlook when we’re caught up in the excitement of the parks. This book effectively nudges us to slow down and appreciate the artistry and storytelling woven into every aspect of the Disney experience.

Let me give you a taste of what you can expect from Lots To Do In Line. Imagine you’re waiting in line for the renowned Mission Space attraction. Pierce kick starts your adventure with a challenging pop quiz: you walk past some captivating decorations, and she poses questions that test your memory and attention to detail. For example, were there three big planets? Was the smallest planet designed to resemble Earth? If you’re like me, these questions will leave you pondering, eager to discover the answers hidden within the book.

But Lots To Do In Line doesn’t stop at pop quizzes. Pierce has also included treasure hunts throughout the book, which are perfect for keeping little ones engaged and occupied during the wait. With specific items to search for or details to spot, your children will be enthralled, giving them their own enjoyable mission to complete before they reach the attraction.

I am genuinely excited to bring this book along on my next Disney adventure. In November, my family and I have a two-day visit planned, and I can’t wait to put Lots To Do In Line to the test. Exploring the parks with a fresh set of eyes, thanks to Pierce’s creative ideas, promises to make our trip even more memorable.

If you’re intrigued by this unique book, you can order it directly from the publisher, The Intrepid Traveler, who also happens to be the company behind the popular Hidden Mickey books. At the time of writing, Lots To Do In Line is even on sale for just $8.97, although I’m not certain how long that offer will last. Trust me, this book is worth every penny.

I want to extend my gratitude to The Intrepid Traveler and Meredith Lyn Pierce for providing me with a review copy. Rest assured that all opinions expressed here are solely my own, and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to experience this fantastic book firsthand. So, go ahead and delve into Lots To Do In Line; I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and by the way, the answers for the Mission Space pop quiz were yes and yes. I’m glad I now know, but I won’t spoil the rest for you – that adventure awaits within the pages of the book!

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