Top 3 Tips for Your First Trip

Top 3 Tips for Your First Trip

A coworker of mine approached me on a bright Monday morning, excitedly sharing that she had heard I was the go-to person for all things Disney. Intrigued, I leaned in to listen, wondering what her curiosity might be sparked by.

As it turns out, she had never been to Disney before. In her mind, it was a place strictly reserved for children. Since she didn’t have any of her own, she had never considered a trip to the magical kingdom. However, with the idea of a vacation with old friends and her sister brewing in her mind, she decided it was time to explore the wonders of Disney.

She had taken a bold step already by deciding to take the AutoTrain from Northern Virginia to Orlando, an unconventional but intriguing way to travel. This train allows passengers to bring their car along, making for an adventurous journey. However, she was met with the reality that this option comes with a hefty price tag.

With the excitement of her forthcoming adventure, she turned to me for guidance. Where should she start? I offered her three valuable tips that would help set her on the right path.

First, I recommended purchasing the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Though I hadn’t personally acquired a copy, I had heard rave reviews about it being the ultimate guidebook for navigating the vast wonders of Disney. I promised her that I would be getting one myself soon and even offered a chance to win a copy through a future giveaway. This book would be an essential resource, especially for newcomers like my coworker who had no idea that there were hotels within the sprawling property.

Next, I suggested checking out This handy website assists in decision-making by helping visitors determine the best dates to visit the parks and which park to explore each day. It also provides invaluable tips on how to efficiently navigate the parks, making the most of every moment. Touring Plans has gone the extra mile and now offers a mobile app called WDW Lines. All you need to do is open it while you’re in the park, and it will optimize your plan based on the time and location. With such a convenient tool at her fingertips, my coworker could plan her trip with ease.

Lastly, I strongly recommended contacting my trusted travel agent, Kelly, at Disney Guru. Just like when you call Walt Disney World directly, working with a travel agent provides tailored assistance to make the booking process smoother and more enjoyable. The advantage of working with a fee-free travel agent like Kelly is that she goes above and beyond, scouting the best deals and ensuring a hassle-free experience. Kelly takes care of all the nitty-gritty logistics, allowing you to relax and simply look forward to your vacation—all without any extra cost to you.

As I wrapped up my advice, I couldn’t help but stress the importance of asking questions. I assured my coworker that I was always happy to help, answer any queries, and engage in spirited conversations about all things Disney. If there were any questions I couldn’t answer, I reassured her that I would be more than happy to direct her to the right resource or person who could provide the information she sought.

With these tips in her arsenal, my coworker embarked on her planning journey with newfound excitement and confidence. I couldn’t wait to hear about her magical trip and perhaps even join her in reliving the enchantment of Disney through her experiences.

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