Introducing the Magical Blogorail!

Introducing the Magical Blogorail

Welcome aboard the Magical Blogorail! While there may be no physical doors here, this virtual Disney-loving train is filled with a group of passionate bloggers who are eager to share their unique perspectives on all things Disney. Our aim is to dive into various topics such as favorite parks, vacation spots, restaurants, and more, all centered around the enchanting Disney parks. Whether you’re a lifelong Disney fan or just starting your magical journey, we hope you enjoy the diverse range of insights shared by each blogger here.

Let’s rewind a bit and take a closer look at the origins of the Disney Babies Blog. It all began in the spring before a memorable trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, where both Jenn’s and Melissa’s families embarked on an adventure. Inspired by Amy over at Growing up Disney (another stop on the blogorail), Jenn and Melissa started their blog to address the lack of information about traveling to the Disney parks with babies. They were determined to offer useful tips and personal experiences to assist other families with little ones in making the most of their Disney vacations.

Melissa, being an experienced Disney traveler, had already taken her baby, Piper, to the parks twice by the time she was 12 months old. And guess what? She already has a third visit planned when Piper turns 21 months! Jenn, on the other hand, first met Melissa and her family when her own baby, Noah, was just six months old. Since then, they have become great friends and have managed to maintain their bond despite living miles apart in Louisiana and Virginia. Their shared love for Disney and boy bands (ah, the early 2000s!) solidified their friendship, and having babies only six months apart has been an extra special connection between them. They hope that their little ones will become great friends as well, even if their visits may be few and far between.

Now, let’s address the common misconception that babies won’t remember their trips to Disney. Many people have expressed the sentiment that it’s a shame for a child not to remember such a magical experience. However, Jenn disagrees. She recalls not remembering her own trips to Disney at the ages of 10 and 12, except for a faint memory of Hulk Hogan filming a movie at the Grand Floridian. But that didn’t dampen the enjoyment she had during those visits. Similarly, she believes that her son Noah will have a fantastic time at Disney, even if the memories don’t stick for the long term. After all, the joy and wonder experienced in the present moment are what truly matter.

As you continue your journey through the Magical Blogorail, be sure to check out the previous stop at The CanaDisney Blog, where you’ll find even more delightful Disney content to explore. And don’t miss the next stop with Kristin over at Cooking with Mickey, where she’ll share her culinary adventures and delicious Disney-inspired recipes.

Thank you for joining us on this enchanting ride, and we hope to see you back at the Disney Babies Blog real soon!

– Jenn (and Melissa)

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