Walt Disney World

Disney Legends

Disney Legends!

Welcome aboard the Magical Blogorail! Whether you are joining us from Rolling with the Magic or just hopping in, we are delighted to have you here. As the 3rd stop of our journey on the Magical Blogorail Blue, I couldn’t think of a better Disney Legend to highlight than the remarkable Francis Xavier Atencio, also …

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Disneyland’s Resort Hotels

Disneyland Resort Hotels are an essential part of the overall Disney experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Walt Disney World fan or new to the Disneyland Resort, these three deluxe hotels offer unique and magical stays for guests of all ages. The Disneyland Hotel, the original hotel at the resort, is known for its iconic Monorail …

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Good Old Fashioned Fun

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Main Street, U.S.A. – the quintessential gateway to the enchanting world of Walt Disney World. There is something truly magical about strolling down this meticulously designed street, adorned with Victorian-style architecture and vibrant storefronts. As the morning sun casts its warm glow, a sense of anticipation envelops the air, beckoning visitors to embark on a …

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A Magical Train Ride

A Magical Train Ride

My two-year-old son, Noah, is absolutely obsessed with trains. He spends hours playing with his two train sets, alternating between them throughout the day. His favorite one, which he affectionately calls his “monorail,” holds a special place in his heart. With his love for trains evident, it was only natural to take Noah on the …

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